Lab Directors:

Kevin Amende, P.E.

Jaya Mukhopadhyay, Ph.D., LEED AP


Lab Assistants:

Tom Femrite, 2nd Year MArch

Robin Wilder, 1st Year MArch

Nick Netherda, 4th Year Architecture

Josh Hays, 4th Year Mechanical Engineering

Colin Anderson, 4th Year Mechanical Engineering

Carly Svenvold, 3rd Year Mechanical Engineering

Gabe Doherty, 4th Year Mechanical Engineering

Abigale Snortland, 3rd Year Mechanical Engineering

Sam Bullock, 4th Year Mechanical Engineering Technology

Kazi Nazmul Hasan, 4th Year Comuter Science

Integrated Design Process Assistance

As building projects become more and more complex, a transition toward an integrated delivery process is key.  Integrated delivery focuses on the active and continuing participation of all players involved in the building process.  An integrated delivery process is achieved through clear articulation of performance targets and strategies and the ability of team members to creatively seek solutions to complex design problems. 

At IDL |  Bozeman we offer specific services for each step in the integrated delivery process.