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Kevin Amende, Director
IDL | Bozeman
Montana State University
320 Roberts Hall
Bozeman, MT 59717



We are located at
121 Cheever Hall [West Wing]
Bozeman, MT 59717 

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Lab Directors:

Kevin Amende, P.E.

Jaya Mukhopadhyay, Ph.D., LEED AP


Lab Assistants:

Tom Femrite, 2nd Year MArch

Robin Wilder, 1st Year MArch

Nick Netherda, 4th Year Architecture

Josh Hays, 4th Year Mechanical Engineering

Colin Anderson, 4th Year Mechanical Engineering

Carly Svenvold, 3rd Year Mechanical Engineering

Gabe Doherty, 4th Year Mechanical Engineering

Abigale Snortland, 3rd Year Mechanical Engineering

Sam Bullock, 4th Year Mechanical Engineering Technology

Kazi Nazmul Hasan, 4th Year Comuter Science

The Integrated Design Lab | Bozeman is funded by the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance. Our services include energy and lighting analysis for Montana architects and engineers who wish to become more aware of the environmental impacts of energy consumption.  We are your Montana contact for energy and daylighting information, education,  and tools for assessing integrated design decisions.   


One Green Design Fits All

Many designers have risen to the challenge of creating a design that can be produced multiple times, in a variety of orientations and locations.

Some key components throughout LEED certified buildings are:

  1. Native landscaping
  2. Materials with high recycled content
  3. Passive solar shading
  4. Motion sensor exterior lights for drive ways
  5. Automatic daylighting controls
  6. Resource-efficient pre fabricated construction systems
  7. White, reflective roofs
  8. High efficient glazing systems

Brad Pease has used these items throughout many PNC projects.  The buildings use an average of 35% less energy and 28% less water than non-green branches.

On a smaller scale, Linda Taalman has designed a compact home, itHouse, that is assembled from a similar kit of parts.  This kit of parts can be tweaked to be situated on a variety of site configurations.

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